What are cow shares?

O.K., so you discovered that raw milk is actually way better for you than the pasteurized/homogenized stuff they sell in the stores. So now what? Go and start buying raw milk instead, right? Sadly, no. Current legislation explicitly forbids the direct sale of raw milk from farm to consumer. So how do you get your hands on that vitamin-rich raw milk? The answer, of course, is cow shares. What are cow shares? Let’s find out.

What are cow shares?

A cow share is an agreement between a farmer and a consumer in which the consumer pays the farmer to care for and board a cow. This then entitles the consumer to a share of the milk the cow produces. This is a perfectly acceptable arrangement between farmers and consumers and allows non-farmers to enjoy the fantastic benefits of real milk.

How do cow shares work?

With Milligan Dairy Farm, there will be an initial fee for the purchase of each cow share. Once this is paid and a cow share contract is signed between both the farmer and the customer, the customer may begin picking up milk on a regular basis. The amount of milk will be based on the amount cow shares purchased. You can expect 1 Gallon per share per week.

The diagram below demonstrates the four steps to a cow share program:The four steps of a cow share program

  1. Customer pays farmer for a cow share and monthly board fees.
  2. Farmer feeds, cares for and milks the cow.
  3. Cow produces milk.
  4. Customers pick up one gallon of milk each week per Monthly Cow Board payed.

On top of the initial fee, a monthly amount must be paid for the cow board. This covers the farmer’s cost for boarding and feeding the cow.